Welcome to Voyages Amusants

Hi my name is Nancy Morales.  Welcome to Voyages Amusants blog website.  Voyages Amusants translates from French to English Fun Travels!  What started this whole travel blog?  I love to travel and I do not travel as much as I would like.  Therefore BAM why not create a travel blog that would encourage me to travel.  My travel blog is a good incentive to go to at least one travel  place a month then write about at the end of the month.  My travel place might be a small day trip to a nearby town or it just might be a larger travel visit.  Regardless of the type of travel you will get a blog post full to read with plenty of pictures.  My first Fun Travel to someplace exciting will be July 2018. My first travel blog post will be at the end of July 2018.  Posting my blog post at the end of the month will give me the entire month to go someplace fun and then write about. Stay Tuned.  Looking forward to my first of many Voyages Amusants, Fun Travels!


Xoxo Nancy